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Access Is Denied. (Write To Disk)


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I've never had issues with this before, but all of a sudden I came across this one torrent that gives me this error. It got about half way downloaded and then this started happening. If I restart the torrent it continues downloading for several seconds (and completes several new files some times) but stops again. My best guess is that it's one specific file in the torrent that won't download (I'm not sure which) and any time it tries to download said file it stops the whole torrent because of the error.

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There are three ways (in major) to possible solutions, depending on the cause:

1. Like it was said, security properties. To solve this - change security properties of desired folder or create new downloads folder under the same account you launching BitTorrent. Also, do not put downloads folder in "Program files" or similar sstem folders. As another wat - you can

2. You have some antivirus/firewall program that blocks your program from accessing files (either it doesn't trust program or decided that files may be dangerous, usually can happen with ".exe" files). Oh, by the way, you are working in Windows, right? Anyway, to fix that issue you need to tune up your antivirus/firewall program accordingly.

3. You have some virus or other malware (if you have, then it is hard to predict all system reactions). In this case just remove it :).


To all: if I missed something feel free to add up, of course :).

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Well this is an admin account so unless there's something I'm missing security shouldn't be an issue (and never has been). My firewalls allows everything relating to bittorrent and hasn't changed for a while. And my antivirus is malfunctioning at the minute (I think I accidentally uninstalled a part of it a couple days ago.) and so isn't running.
I can't speak for the malware or viruses but I can say that about a week ago I ran 2 different antivirus and 3 different malware and rootkit scans.

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