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Fine-Grained Control Of Seeding (Can I Limit How Much To Upload To One Person)

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I have a popular torrent (there are 100+ people seeding).  I have noticed that nearly everybody I am sharing with takes only a few hundred KB... but one user in the US has uploaded over 70% of the entire file from me.  I don't know what this individual is up to, but I suspect he's up to no good.  It seems reasonable to assume I have one leecher that is breaking ettiquette and wants 100% of the file from me alone. Not sure why.


I want to seed the torrent but I don't want to upload more than about 25% of the torrent to any one inividual (if the torrent is healthy). I can achieve this, although this is not a very good workaround, by setting uTorrent to stop seeding after 100% and hope that more than one person is uploading from me, but I'd rather seed unlimited.


In a perfect world, 4 seeders could do 25% each.  This will not happen in reality because of the other seeders' bandwidth. 


Is it possible to have uTorrent calculate 25% of the total torrent size (to be used as an upload cap for all peers) and then enforce the cap if there are more than say 8 seeders?


Like I say, I want to seed as much as possible but am a bit wary of one person who's asking for 100% of the file.





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Because you can only see what each individual peer is doing directly to you and not to others in the swarm, it is actually completely unreasonable to be a seed that behaves the way you suggest.

You can't genuinely tell that they're downloading only from you.

You also can't genuinely tell that they aren't also uploading even if they are only downloading from you.

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