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**newb** Please Help - Can't Connect - Centurylink Router


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Ladies and Gents,


Any help would be much appreciated.  Yes, I'm a newb to the forums, but I've used BT for years without issues.


I recently received a new laptop from my employer (don't worry, they don't care what I do with it), and I recently got internet to my home from CenturyLink.


CL supplied me a wifi router/modem, which I've dicked with for hours.  I opened and tested a million ports, but can't seem to establish any sort of connection to any torrents.


I'm currently riding an open port (49123).  BT has been assigned that port.  I've tested the port several different ways.  To no avail.  I have 5 diff torrent files of different types queued up, with no less than 50 seeders each.  Not a single one will connect or download anything at all.


Any suggestions?


Many thanks for any help!


*Edit - BTW all firewalls/antivirus progs have been killed.

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Never tried there.  I'm afraid to try new things!


I'll take a look real quick and report back.


*Edit - I don't even know what I'm looking at here man.  Still sifting thru, but this looks awefully foreign!


Sorry boss, I'm a bit slow.


Yes sir, one of their torrents is downloading at blazing speeds (first one I clicked).


What do you suggest from here?



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Right now, the big thing is probably the tracker status from the trackers tab with one of your problem torrents selected. Your problem may be limited to the sites or specific torrents you're using.


Thanks again for your help.  I was going to PM you the links/torrents and site I'm using, but I'm a newbert to this forum and can't seem to figure out how  :)


Didn't want to share the links publicly.  Please advise.


Again, can't thank you enough.

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