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decrease in download speed


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I am now encountering a very significant decrease in my BitTorrent download speeds. Previously, they had been much higher. My ISP is not choking my service.

Do need to lower my firewall settings and get into port forwarding? My friend who recommended this said he did not have to do this.

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I have gone to http://forum.utorren...ic.php?id=15992 and set port forwarding to no avail.Perhaps I chose the incorrect port number; there was no information on what number to choose. I believe there is a range of values, but which one?

Before I attempt further steps, I need to know why my download speed decreased to 0. It was fine when I began use of this software. I have made no changes to my system recently.

My highest upload speed is 340kB/s for one torrent according to interface; others are much lower and fluctuating.

Before I delve further into this situation, I need to know that there is a reasonable chance of success.

If I go to that extent, and the difficulty returns, I would want to know what caused it. Online tests indicate my isp is not choking my bandwidth.

I enjoy downloading files, but it is not as practical as I previously believed.

Any specific answers to my change in function would be greatly appreciated. <_<

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No. Single port in preferences - connection.

Could you please clarify your reply.

BitTorrent test has chosen 17902 with Auto port mapping. Port is open, network is properly configured.

'Bandwidth' USA New York #1.

Should this selection be changed?

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No it shouldn't.

What settings are you currently using in preferences - bandwidth, preferences - queueing and preferences - bittorrent?

Dear Mr. Feit,

Here is the information you requested:

Preferences Bandwidth:

-maximum upload rate 393

-maximum download rate 0

-apply rate limit to uTP connections

-maximum number of connections 500

-maximum connected peers per torrent 100

-number of upload slots per torrent 8

-use additional upload slots if upload speed <90%

Predferences Queing:

-maximum number of active torrents 7

-maximum number of active downloads 6

-seeding goal (default values)

minimum ratio 150

minimum seeding time 0

minimum number of available seeds 0

-limit upload rate to 4kB/s

Basic BitTorrent features:

-all boxes are checked except for 'limit local peer bandwiths

-protocol encryption

outgoing disabled

allow incoming legacy connections

I have not changed any of these settings knowingly; they are all default values.

I hope this assists in solving my BitTorrent difficulties.

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And the speed results from speedtest.net?

Speed test:

Upload 4.04 Mb/s (492.7 kB/s)

Download 31.5 Mb/s (3.7 MB/s

Current port 6881

Changed to random port selection

-"Port is open. Network properly configured"

Perhaps I should reinstall BitTorrent, as long I will not lose any data.


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Norton Internet Security is known to cause problems like the one you're having, and only uninstalling can actually solve it.

http://www.slackware.com/getslack/torrents.php have torrents that are known to be fast.

I will check out Slackware.

As I have already lost one hard drive due to a particularly malignant virus (using McAfee at that time), I am unlikely to give up my Norton Internet Security for BitTorrent.

What security software would you suggest which would not interfere with BitTorrent?

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I personally use AVG as my antivirus. Your mileage may vary.

And reinstalling likely won't solve the issue if it doesn't re-do your firewall rules properly.

Bye the bye, why do I need port forwarding since I have disconnected the router?

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With a router in place, you need to port forward in it.

Additionally, any firewalls on the computers running BitTorrent need to be configured AS WELL if the router is still connected.

Thanx. Am waiting for response from Norton Forum.

Can only hope at this stage. Considering the popularity of P2P, I doubt that this is a common problem.

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Thanx. Am waiting for response from Norton Forum.

Can only hope at this stage. Considering the popularity of P2P, I doubt that this is a common problem.


If I 'downgrade' to Windows Firewall, will I still have this problem, although with some loss of security?

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I have just realized that I have downloaded the 32-bit version of BitTorrent!!

No. It doesn't have anything to do with your issue.

Your connection limits and active torrent count limits are a little high for actually functioning properly. Try setting your active torrents to 2 total, 1 downloading.

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I must now beg the forgiveness of all who I have bothered regarding this problem. I turns out that my ISP, Eastlink Communications, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, had lied to me in the past. On several occasions I called their "technical service"; I was told in each case that easlink was not choking my service. Perhaps these jerks did not know the meaning of the word.

This evening, when I called and pressed for pertinent information, she was forced to admit that they had actually disconnected my download access due to exceeding their 40Mbps (sounds more impressive than 5MBps). I received no warning of this, neither before nor after their action.

Needless to say, I can start downloading again for only an extra $92 per month.

Again, I apologize to all who have responded to my erroneous claims. In fact, I was getting screwed over by this ISP all along.

Where can I find info on the acceptable torrents (speed) relative to my measly 5MBps? I should have asked this question much earlier, if I had known the source of the problem.

Thanx again for all the assistance.

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I must apologize to all who have participated in my search fo a solution to my 0 downlaod speed.

It appears the my ISP, Eastlink Communications, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, had been lying to me in the past several contacts when they insisted they were not choking my signal.

I contacted then again tonight, and, after pressure by myself (and a 4 minute conversation with her supervisor), she admitted that Eastlink was cutting off my access once I excedded my allowable 40Mbps (sounds better than 8MBps). She refused to acknowledge the term "choking", which may explain why they lied before, if they did not understand the term.

Needless to say, I can obtain the service I need at 100Mbps for only another $92 per month; I do not have that money to spend. I am living on disability payments. Downloading had made life a little more interesting.

The Eastlink website claims I can download 300 movies per month with 40 Mbps service. I have never downloaded that many even at my present allowable download speed. I requested that they reccommend a download manager that would permit this.

I must search for another route to download my programs. I am sure there must be some way I can determine if I am exceeding my allowed download rate. Any suggestions in this regard would be appreciated. I shall act this of eastlink as well.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience and for my speech here.

And especially, for you invaluable assistance with my own lack of expertise. Forgiveness is requested.


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