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Hello to the Bittorrent Client Technical issue and troubleshooting group.


So, I am using the client for a large amount of data and library transfer. The process is long and unstable. I have lost a large portion of data. Three or four hard disk drives, ranging from 160 gigabytes to 1 terabyte. External and internal. Maybe five?


My issues and common goals!

The group helping me with the transfer is a group. The group is very unorganized. I have to deal with a very large amount of files and folders.


Some file transfers can include similar folder names containing different files. Some file transfers can include similar folder names with similar file names in the same file format.


So far I am unable to determine whether the Bittorent Client supports any type of "Explorer" moving, copying or renaming file protocols.


The Bittorrent preferences do not list similar options.

The Bittorrent 'hash' keys and the .torrent files provide the current file 'check-sum' for the current running torrent. (ex.g. "/the_folder_name/file_name.ext" might overwrite previously downloaded files)


(file attachment include the actual error)




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Hi, Harold Feit.


Yes, I am familiar with the Bittorrent Client, user interface. And the file management interface.


I would also like to accommodate the .torrent file content 'move' feature.

I could only try to recall the feature back to Bittorrent 5.5 or so.

It was very helpful.


I am familiar with the Bittorrent user interface. I am very used to it. I am a frequent Bittorrent client user. I am very satisfied with the client features and interface. I could only propose 'one' addition.


But, I started this thread for another purpose.

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