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How About Fixing Your Current Features?


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hello, I have been using your 'plus' version for some time, a few months ago AFTER an automatic update your antivirus function quit working and has never checked files for viruses since, I have emailed MANY times finally getting the response you will let me know when a 'fix' has been found, well, it doesn't work, it's NOT a firewall or incompatiblity issue, the antivirus always says it will check after the download is finshed being checked or finished downloading, can you DEVELOP a fix for this?, oh and it is almost impossible to find ANY way to contact YOUR SUPPORT (NOT the forum) to let you know this, every time I scour your site and this time I really can't find how to contact you, jesus, does anyone there even give a shit?, for months not having the antivirus working?, it's a major selling point for your product but it's not working, well, it's YOUR reputation at stake, and your customer's frustration and disappointment won't help!

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