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Torrent Speed Is Unstable (0.2Kb/s - 11 Mb/s)


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Hello, usually when I download any torrent my download speed is very unstable. When I add  a new torrent it starts downloading it at high speed (over 5mb/s) then after a few minutes drops down to 0.2kb/s then after few seconds it starts going up again until it reaches high speed, and stays there for a few minutes.. Atm I'm downloading a torrent and same thing happens, it goes from 0.2kb/s to 11mb/s then goes back to 4.5mb/s then goes back to 0.2kb/s etc.

It doesn't matter if its Wifi or cable. The problem is not in my internet provider.

Also I was using default bittorent preferences, then I found some different videos/articles but they didn't help, so I set everything to default again.


What should I try?

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then I found some different videos/articles but they didn't help

Most (read almost all) youtube videos for speeding up bittorrent have a bad enough misunderstanding about settings that we don't support the settings recommended by them AT ALL.

Removing your settings.dat and settings.dat.old files from %appdata%\BitTorrent is REQUIRED at this point because of the problems the settings those guides recommend cause.

Following that, providing any information from the status bar of the main BitTorrent window, as well as the settings you're using AFTER resetting the settings, will help us move further.

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