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Speed Gets Throttled By Bittorrent Itself


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I have Bittorrent 7.4.2, and Mac OS X.

So dl speed gets throttled to 10kb/sec by bittorrent client itself. Only restarting the app (manually closing and reopening it restores the speed). Settings are fine & other options, so don't make stupid assumptions pls.

Also, before you ignorantly say it's because of my ISP, I can say right off that you're going to be wrong.

It's not.

I tested other torrent-clients, such as utorrent and qbittorrent - and everything works fine there.

The only reason I want this to work in bittorrent is because bittorrent unlike the aforementioned torrent-clients supports the "peer to peer ONLY via proxy", which is crucial to me.

Utorrent has pretty much the same interface, but it ignores the proxy settings despite the checked option "use proxy for peer to peer connections", and keeps using my direct IP.


So what's wrong? Bittorrent used to work fine just a few days ago. Also, once the speed is throttled, even if I turn off proxy at settings and try to download through my direct IP, dl speed is still throttled. I mean, bittorrent applies settings without the need to be restarted, right?

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