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Bittorrent Stops Downloading At 31.9%


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I have been running in to this same problem with several torrents stopping at various percentage points.  I then look at the list of peers (under the Peers tab) and of course, I see several other peers sitting at the same percentage point as me.


But I do have a few torrents that list at least one peer that is showing 100% but I am not pulling any data from this person.  Its quite obvious that the others on my peer list are not getting any data from this person either.  I do not understand why the client will not pull data from this person.  Is there any way to force the client to pull data from this person?


I heard that media companies try to poison torrents or send out fake files but these are actually the TV episodes I was trying to get.  I have been trying to download episodes of the 1970's Josie and the Pussycats cartoon series using links from Kickass Torrents.  Some episodes actually competed but many others just stop at various points (some above 90%, so they are partially playable).


Any ideas on how this could be done??  Thanks for any help you can give me (and the rest of us on my peer list).



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