Error: <Null> - Can't Open .torrent File: I:\torrents\active\torrent File.torrent

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I found 14 torrents that exhibit the topic error after performing latest update to 7.9.2 build 38914 on Windows Server 2003. What doesn't make sense is where the client is looking for the errant .torrent files: in my "Active" directory. To better explain, my directory preferences are set this way:


Put new downloads in:

I:\Torrents\In Progress


Move completed downloads to:



Store .torrents in:



Move .torrents for finished jobs to:



Automatically load .torrents from:



The errant torrent files have completed quite some time ago, as long ago as 2013. I currently have only 3 valid .torrent files in my "Active" directory, finding peers or downloading. The other 14 incorrectly listed in the client's "Downloading" section can be found as .torrent files in "Completed" or as .loaded files in "Incoming".
Please advise.

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Somewhere along the way, the .torrent file was moved without letting BitTorrent write to the resume file that it was moved.

Move the errant torrents back to active and force a re-check on the jobs.

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Thank you Harold -

That addressed getting the torrent files visible again. But now I have 14 orphaned torrents still in my \Active directory. Shouldn't the client move those completed .torrent files to \Completed, and update the resume file? 

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