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I Can't Download Any File


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Two days ago I had a big virus on my laptop and I had to reinstall Windows and all my programs. I used Bittorrent 7.8.2 and I never had any issues to download files but after downloading Bitorrents again on my laptop I can't make it work. I try to add a few files but I get the message "finding peers" and then it shifts to "queed" and back and forth but nothing happens. I don't see the files information underneath nor peers, trackers... I allowed the program to the firewall and use the port 6881 for incoming connections and run the test "bandwith/network and got the message "port is open - your network is properly configured". I think the issue comes from the firewall "advanced settings" but I'm not very good with that stuff and I don't know how to configure it. I can see two bitorrents in "inbound rules", in the first one " protocol ports, protocol type TCP number 6, specific ports 6881, all ports "blank". for the second Bittorrent line I can see UPD 17, specific ports 9999, all ports "blank". I have no clue how to fix that and hope somebody on this forum can give me some tips.


Thanks and have a great day.



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