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Stuck In Finding Peers - File Not Downloading


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I installed Bittorrent a while ago on my Dell laptop and it was working fine until I got a virus on my computer and had to reinstall windows 7. I downloaded Bittorrent again and now I have some issues to make it work, I'm not a computer geek unfortunately and I was very lucky when I configured Bittorrent the first time...  I've added a verified movie file with seeds for downloading and it doesn't work, I see "finding peers" and "DHT waiting to login" but nothing happens. when I click on file I see a red bar and in "trackers" I have the messages "no such host is known - failure : connection timed out". In the Preferences window, I entered "port used for incoming connection : 6881" and I checked "enable UPnP, NAT and add windows firewall exception". In  Bittorrent features" I checked everything but "limit local peer". I also ran the test "bandwith/network"  and I got the green check marks that it is working fine. In windows firewall "inbound rules - Protocol and ports" I have TCP local port 6881" and in "outbound rules - Protocol and ports" I have "UDP Remote port 6881". I don't know what the problem is but hope somebody in this forum can give me some tips on how to fix that.


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