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WIN 8 - Bitorrent 7.9.3 (Build 40101)  32-bit


I am somewhat familiar with what the FLAGS mean, but i am wondering if there is a detailed description of what each flag means & how to fix the problems.


BASICALLY, I' trying to download a 100+ GB set of files.. So far i'm at 71%


Now, I regularly see online a few peers with 100% of the files, but they have a "d" flag (not downloading to me)


SOME of these peers also have a S (snubbed) flag. I am active /online & want to download from them. But for some reason i cant.

From what i have googled, There is not much we can do as most of the functions are internal to the bittorrent client.



I also see other users having 30%, or 40% of the files (i have over 70%) - but they have a 'u' flag (stopping me uploading to them).


Now - I may or may not have the same 40% files, but i do know I have more files than they do. So what is preventing my computer sending files to them ?



Now - Ive got no restrictions on uploading. & have dozens of other torrents. My nett upload is 80-100Kbs



Is there a faq page somewhere to resolve these 'common' issues - about what to check & why they will stop uploading/downloading.




EDIT: my 'upload' speed ahs now dropped to 2kbs - there are plenty of people online now needing my files).


I am SEEDING (100%) on all my other torrents, This 1 torrent is very big, & is taking forever to obtain in full.

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