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I have 80 megabits speed but when downloading torrent, old/new simply i do not get the speed near to my expectation. Usually I receive 50-70 kB/s for all the torrent files. When download start, it's gradually increases but with in few seconds it stalls.

I tried disabling antivirus and recently I reinstalled my Windows(8.1) but no use.

I have tried VPN to check if really it's blocked/limited by my ISP but VPN doesn't allow torrent download at all.

There is something fishy with my ISP, I called them and they totally denied limiting my access to torrents.

Let me know what could be done!

Best Regards,


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I guess your ISP has blocks placed that are limiting your download speeds while using torrents. I faced a similar a while back and when I asked my ISP, they totally denied it (obviously). The way around for me was with a VPN but it was difficult to find one that allowed torrents. However, it did reveal that my ISP was limiting my speeds. 

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