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Finding Peers


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I have searched this site for my problem but to no avail!

noun: novice; plural noun: novices
  1. a person new to or inexperienced in a field or situation :huh:(This is me okay)
    Recently BT stopped working It said (finding peers) and just churning. I downloaded the new vers. thinking all I needed is an update and still the same spinning at "finding peers"
    I checked windows firewall and it is a permitted program 
    I do not know how to get the ports open or even check them for that matter, I have seen this is common but there are different circumstances for each.I use a VPN when using BT but I tried it both ways. Any help will be grateful...OR a point in the right direction.
    Clueless in Seattle
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Can not connect to any torrents. The tracker tab says "DHT waiting to announce...

peer exchange and discovery say working but torrent says timed out, I suppose for lack of connection, Any preferences to configure. I did nothing to default settings from install.

Is it possible I am blocked in some way?


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Using Webroot internet security


I am trying to read up on all of this  but its above  me unfortunately, I personally believe that there is a block either from the upgrade or my isp. I have always used a VPN. I am using  there ariss moden/router and I'm thinking of going back to my own router. No torrent I open from anywhere will connect to any peers. I get" host name not found" or "Connection timed out" I think BIT can not connect.

some of these ports are closed according to the port checker

Any suggestion how to check my connection to see if that's where the problem lies? If you have any links I will be glad to read them.



FTP 21
SSH 22
Telnet 23 
DNS 53
POP3 110




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