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I am converting all my videos to 720p (1280x720), but some of them don't seem to follow the standard. 720x576 seems to be a very common format for most of those that are supposed to be 720p, so I'm guessing the ones that uploaded them are lying. The codec for these files seems to be Mpeg 1/2 for the most parts, not Mpeg-4 which I would expect. Are these fakes or is there something I don't understand about HD 720p?

For those who wonder why. Converting 8-40GB videos to 1280x720, AC3 48kHz, 640kbps (keeping the source speaker number) is more than enough for my use, and having around 6-7TB of video files is a bit too much (I have another 2TB of TV-shows). The format I use to convert gives about 23MB per minute totaling between 2 and 3GB per video, and for 1500 videos and TV-shows that is a considerable reduction in size.

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