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cant even download new client,  gives norton anti-virus a heart attack.  windows 10 client just stopped working yesterday 01/03/2017 "DHT: Waiting to log on" was going to re-install after a complete un-install, PUA.OpenCandy virus detected,  naturally norton deletes everything.  what now?

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There's nothing wrong in not trusting an application such as norton who has proof that it's insecure and known for false positives as well as false negatives in regards to is primary function (reference: sony audio cd rootkit, it wasn't until public backlash AND exploits of the rootkit included on sony audio cds that they actually started detecting and blocking it)

The opencandy option in the installer is just that. An option.

The fact that norton doesn't give you the choice to even get that far makes me strongly question its motives and implementation.

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