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Encryption By Default


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Thanks for the reply, because most torrent client users use their home internet connection, although more technical users use vpn/proxies or services like vps or seed boxes.

So most torrent traffic connects through ISPs that provide home broad band, there is increasing evidence and suspicion that some ISPs are targeting torrent traffic see sauces below.

Also, this quarterly global internet report found that bittorrent was the #1 user of upstream bandwidth in North America in 2014, ahead of major companies like Youtube, Netflix, and Skype.

Which makes ISPs and other pro net neutrality company's want to throttle or disconnect connections, and the FCC and US government are rolling back Obama-eras net neutrality regulations.

sandvine.com/downloads/general/global-internet-phenomena/2014/1h-2014-global-internet-phenomena-report.pdf     global internet report




cnet.com/news/fcc-chairman-begins-assault-on-net-neutrality-rules    : FCC chairman begins assault on net neutrality rules

Also, it can prevent MITM (man in the middle) attacks and other privacy, security vunrbilitys that come about from unencrypted traffic.

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