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Trackers Problem

Chandra Prakash

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I have been using Bittorrent for a long time. The torrents were working fine.

For the last 4 days, only single and a particular torrent is working. And for any other torrent, neither the Trackers are working, nor they are being updated. Though, these torrents are working good in other computers of my friends.

I have attached the pic of the "Trackers" tab, from my torrent client.

Please reply ASAP.

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Did you run the removal utility from symantec to make sure all its hooks were removed?

Also, who is your internet provider?

Yeah.. All the removal utility removed all its hooks. I'm sure.. I checked all the existing services in services.msc. No such services were available regarding the symantec.

I'm having a personal Internet connection from Reliance Telecom.

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