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bittorrent NOT RESPONDING!


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So for the past few months, every time I've tried to update my BitTorrent, it simply won't allow me to because whenever I try, it freezes and I get an alert window from Windows saying the program has stopped responding. It'll check for a solution, won't come up with one, and then close BitTorrent. I tried uninstalling it to see if I could just reinstall it using the new version, but now when I try to run the installation process it does the same thing: freezes, checks for solution, fails, closes. Now I don't have BitTorrent on my laptop at all and I'm annoyed as hell!!!!!! WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!?? :(

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Before re-installing restart your computer, check whether any BT leftover files are there in 'program files' and 'appdata' folders. If so, delete them(even if its just an empty folder with a name related to Bit torrent).

thanks, i tried that and it still keeps doing the same thing! :(

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hello , when I'm clicking on BIT TORRENT, it was not opening and saying that

"It seems the bittorrent is been already running. please close all the bit torrent process and run again"

when i open task manager i see it was running.

i dont know wat to do.

previously i opened bit torrent few days back, after updating my windows i cant able to run it.

please tell me something wat to do.

mine is win7 HP


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