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bitTorrent causing blue Screen

no time

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Hi All,

BitTorrent causing bule Screen on diffrent times:

some time I got the blusscareen after 1 min

some time I got the blusscareen after 10 mins

some time I got the blusscareen after 30 mins

while if the program opened without downloading its never cause bule Screen. I have doubt that the issue from the Wireless card, so I up date it to leatet available driver and its the same.

also i downgrade it from 7.7.2 to 7.7.0 and its the same

Please help.


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Same here.....I hate blue screens :wacko: ... I have free AVG and have never had a problem before, but lately constant. I really like BitTorrent and want to continue to use it, but need help with the blue issue... I figured it was causing and I was correct, but how can it stop? I like AVG and have used it together before. I had to install new harddrive and re-install Windows 7 again, and since then, it has been a nighmare! Help!? I have uninstalled BitTorrent for now...


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I am having same issue with micrsoft security essential installed at my laptop. My OS is windows7 and the bluscreen really bugged me due to which i had to un install bit torrent. This machine of mine is brand new so i cannot suspect any hardware malfunction at all. To my utter surprise, a colleague of mine is using bit torrent with security essential installed.

I think bit torrent people have to come up with some solution since this blue screen is turning out to be a nightmare for most of the users.

If people are encoutnering this problem with maccafee, AVG, security essentials etc then could you please recommend which security software we all must use which should prove to be comaptible with bit torrent software.


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Without more detail about the bluescreen, no.

Wow that is not helpful at all. Why not tell him how to get more detail about the bluescreen. I am having the exact same problem, and unless I know it is fixed, I will not be using bittorrent anymore.

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hi. Can someone help me too? BSOD only started happening to my laptop when I used bittorrent. never happened to me when I was using utorrent but I don't want to go back using utorrent because its too slow. at first, I can bear with it but its getting more frequent.  please, someone help me. thank you.


is it possible that my antivirus (AVAST) is the reason for my BSOD? I have unistalled McAfee a long way back because my brother advised me to do so.

I want to attached a screenshot of the bluescreen view. but I don't know how to. I cant even paste it. can I email it or something instead? 

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hello ..


i have the same problem Bittorrent start download blue screen monitored then restart , i tried to change my antivirus form Avast to Bitdefender  the same then i removed Bitdefender also the same problem .


OS : windows 7 

wireless card : Realtek RTL8723AE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC

i took a capture of the blue screen 
help please ,,, i need bittorrent 
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