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cannot find peers


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I downloaded Bittorrent (I have used it many years before) and now it is unable to find peers.

I tried http://slackware.com...ck/torrents.php and torrents from there seem to be the only one working. (How and why?)

Still I have to mention that the torrents i want to download have over 2000 seeders and 300 leechers.

Probably the problem is something to do with the settings (something is blocking another thing) but I dont know what to do, i havent found any help in here yet. I can't be the only one.

Thank you.

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im having the same problem with finding peers and i have Virgin Mobile , i usually use adownloader,utorrent etc,. but it seems to b the provider because i have 2 internet providers, virgin and verizon and on verizon the torrents work fine. the problem with virgin started about jan 2014 sometime just seems to drop peers , it will have 3 then drop to 0 then to 2 then 0 like no info coming through i believe its the provider.

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