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As part of a file's properties, provide the location of the .torrent file that is associated with a given download.


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There are have been a number of times when it would have been very handy to be able to determine the location of the .torrent file that is activvely associated with a given file, or a given download. For example:

  1. I am converting from uTorrent to BitTorrent Plus, but I can't find the original .torrent files for the downloads that were started with uTorrent.
  2. I have a fairly large list of partially downloaded torrents that I want to send to my son-in-law (he has a much, much better ISP connection that I do). I would like to be able to send him (on a USB drive) the files that I have been able to partially download and their associated .torrents files.
  3. This may provide a partial solution to Guest_Susie_T's Feature request for the ability to search for matching titles that are on the client machine. If I understood her request correctly, she wanted the ability to do a simply regex string match on the titles or file names of the Torrents on her local machine that were:

    1. Downloading,
    2. Seeding,
    3. Completed,
    4. Active,
    5. Inactive

      I know that BitTorrent keeps the association somewhere, because if I happen to know it, and I do a rename on the .torrent file, BitTorrent displays the old .torrent file location and complains that it can't find it.
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