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Download\Upload Speed Drop


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I have been using Bit Torrent for the last 3 years or so. Really love the Program.

My Problem started last week. Whenever I set a new download, it's download speed does not go past 0~1kBps. Not that this doesn't happen during certain hours (between 6 and 10 pm), but lately even during the rest of the day it barely crosses 5kBps. I get around 20~100kBps during peak hours only (round about 12:00 pm till 7:00 am), when it usually touches the 200kBps line. Upload Speed too is consistently 1~10kBps (at all times).

I m a pakistani whose been using an evo wireless broadband connection for the past 2 years. Have had no problems uptil now. Plus I'm a complete noob in all things web development.

Any Ideas?? Anything else I should post?

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A Few Things I Forgot to Mention:

Operating System is Windows 7 Ultimate

I use Advanced System Care to Optimize net connections.

I've posted the upload and download speed tests.

The Problems started despite the fact I have never tampered with the settings uptil now.

I looked over the post "utorrent connection setup guide", when I tried the BitTorrent setup guide, I got different results every time ie different upload speeds detected. Sometimes both network and bandwidth tests would fail, sometimes not. The Latest results I've also posted. I've done all the steps except the last one "Forwarding your Port in the Router",

Around this time I usually get 20kBps speed per torrent. Now It's around 0.1~1kBps per torrent.

??? :(

Net Speed Tests Results.txt


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After reading some posts, I tried installing other torrent clients. Vuze, and utorrent both give the same speed, (ie 15kBps), but tixati gives me upto 54kBps. I made the comparison using a download I already had upto 59% using bit torrent.

I hope this helps, because frankly speaking speaking, I don't want to move out of BitTorrent if I can help it.

PS, at this time of day till the next hour, I usually get max download speed. Ran a speed test from SpeedTest-net. Here are the results:

Download speed 2.2Mbps, Upload Speed 1.00MBps.

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Never Mind. Speed picked back up again. I fact it's better than ever. I'm guessing the Problem was at the PTCL station. (Heavy rains and hail in Islamabad for quite a while now). :mellow:

Sorry to trouble you guys. Thanks for the Support though. It is well appreciated. :)

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