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Remote connection issues on WP8


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I can setup BitTorrent Remote for Windows Phone 8 easily, and it works the first time I use it. Whenever I go to use it again, it does not connect until I turn the remote functionality on and off again on my computer. When I try to connect, I get this error message:

"Cannot establish connection to remote service'.

I am using a mac and a Lumia 820 from within the same WiFi network (created with TimeCapsule).

Any ideas?

*EDIT: I can also connect to remote.bittorrent.com on both phone and computer's internet browsers.

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Message occurs when I open BitTorrent Remote on phone. It's at the top of the screen where it flashes through a few messages, such as Authenticating..., before showing the message.

No proxies as far as I can tell, unless a TimeCapsule has a hidden default setting. The internet goes directly through the modem so the TC handles ip addresses, etc.

Do I need port forwarding setup?

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