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Looked Everywhere, but can't get my seed to actually seed.


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I'm a bit of a newb, I've been using torrents no problem for a number of years now via downloading torrent files from popular torrent sites.  I want to start making my own torrents to share files with my friends, but I have been failing miserably.


I'm currently on Mac OSX10.8.4 cable attached to an Airport Extreme and I'm using Transmission and BitTorrent.  DHT and PEX are enabled, and my port is open with a green light in both programs.


I create a torrent, add a few different public trackers that are verified to be working, and on my computer everything looks great and it says I'm seeding.  When my torrent is added to a bittorrent client on another computer it says there are 0 peers and nothing happens.


I'm not very knowledgable when it comes to all the internet settings, and most of it is set to automatic, but I've never had a problem shareing files with torrents others have created.  Please help a guy just trying to give back to the torrent community! 



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Hmmm... I just checked the listening ports and now they are closed.  Is there something that would cause them to be open and then close?


No firewalls on the computers themselves.  No firewall on my personal router, there may be one on the other computer I'm using to download to test things out on, but it's on a router I don't directly control (I'll contact the administrator to see, he's slow though so we'll see, I'll have to try another comp tonight).  But on both computers I can still download a torrent from a website, then download/upload the associated content, unless it's a torrent I created.

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