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BitTorrent installs Conduit Search Protect with EVERY UPDATE... How to disable?


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By not choosing to install it.

there wasn't an option not to install it and why is this being installed in the first place??? you seem rather blasé about it.

isn't this considered to be malware? also, when this happened to me i contacted the support team straight away and they claimed it couldn't be associated with BT as no executables are included in the download. now you are saying it quite clearly is cause there is an option "not to install it" - its really really very poor on the part of BT having anything like this associated with a software client that historically is know for piracy and viruses - is this the new branding and direction being championed by bundles? 

it seems that in moby's bundle there are click tracker redirects going off all over the place from his soundboard html file in the unlockable extras.


it is not confidence inspiring and so far has overshadowed and devalued what potentially could have been quite good

I look at every checked box whenever I update, I've never seen an option for it.


Perhaps I wasn't looking close enough. Guess I'll try again next update, thanks.

yeah i didn't see an option either - please see my comment above

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