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I'm Stumped

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Hello All,


I've been using BT for years with no issues. I recently got a new router from Xfinity, and now I'm having issues. At first DHT showed error so I followed a that thread for a remedy to no avail.


I unstalled and reinstalled BT, and it worked like a charm. Next day, won't connect to peers, so I reinstalled and deleted reg entries to no avail.


 I'll list as much as I can FYI.


Current Error: DHT: 0 nodes (Login)


All DHT and UPnP setting in BT are checked.


I've set Protocol Encryption: under Preferences > BT to Enabled


I've set UPnP: in router to Enabled.


Exceptions added to Firewall and Webroot AV.


I exited BT and deleted dht.old etc in appdata folder and restarted. Nope.


So, I've followed all relevant threads I could find, and I just can't figure this out.


Thanx in Advance

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You are dah Man. Thanx. I blocked everything but P2P under custom settings, works like a charm.


Much appreciated. Funny thing is I looked at that yesterday, but didn't think it an issue as BT worked fine with Firewall setting after fresh install yesterday.


All good in the hood!


EDIT: TURN IT OFF COMPLETELY, it blocked PBay. ;-)

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