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No Peers, Problem With Tracker?


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So, I'm new at the whole torrent and downloading business, but a few months ago I downloaded it onto my old windows 7 laptop, and it worked perfectly! The downloads were slow due to internet speeds, but I didn't have any problems. i recently got a new laptop, intalled all my programs, made sure they were suited for the new operating system, bit, etc. and ever since I installed BitTorrent, it isn't working. The little arrow stars out green, it says it's downloading but I have 0 peers and it is 0% for a few minutes and then the arrow turns red. I've purposely tried to download ones that have lots of peers and are frequent downloads to see if it's just that, but so far nothing is working. I restarted and still no results. I know uTorrent has their own forums and stuff, but I figured I would mention that I've also tried that program and still, no results. I'm pretty sure my computer isn't blocking it because I made an exception in firewall, I'm not sure if it's my internet just yet because I'm going to try on a different wifi connection to see if that makes a difference, but the speed isn't the problem. I will keep trying different things, but I figured I'd like some responses and suggestions sooner rather than later before I leave fast wifi ;)

Windows 8
64 bit

BitTorrent 7.9 (checked for updates, it's the newest)


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Well, there is now no arrow and where it tracks the percentage downloaded it just says "Connecting To Peers 0.0%"

Under "Availability" everything is blank.

Oh just found the trackers tab, it says "working" update in 21 minutes 

Also says connection timed out, sorry I didn't know what exactly I was looking for here :)

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Ok did that. Now says DHT not allowed. Local peer discovery not allowed. Peer exchange not allowed. I find this confusing, as I have downloaded lots of stuff and have not changed any settings on my computer. Can this happen by itself? How do I remedy this?

I have also aloowed bittorrent as an exception on my firewall. It was set that way when I was able to download, and is still set that way.

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