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Torrent Wont Load


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So over the past few months I have downloaded quite a bit of music and a few movies off of pir bay with no issue.


But today I went on to download a few movies, but when I click on the magnet link, the torrent wont load. bit torrent pops up as usual, but the screen where the file actually loads with the little spinning circle at the bottom, it just stays on that forever. it never loads up.


I have tried different torrents and different movies but it does that for EVERYTHING. I have the latest update for bittorrent and I don't know what to do. Help please?

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I'm experiencing downloading problem as well, below is just extract of "Trackers" current status. Please help


Name                                                    Status                                             Update In            Seeds     Peers     Download....

[DHT]                                                    Waiting for announce.......                                                  0            0                      0

[Local Peer Discovery]                         Working                                                                              0            0                      0

[Peer Exchange]                                  Working                                                                              0            0                      0

upd://open.demonii.com:1337             Connection timed out.                        25m 48s                   0            0                      0



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