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  1. That shows very little technical details on the detection.
  2. I'm not talking about the application install directory.
  3. settings.dat in the bittorrent application support folder, but that will also wipe out your other settings in BitTorrent.
  4. It's typically stored in the settings.dat file. It's not easy to get rid of.
  5. That's something more to ask the people who made the torrents than us.
  6. Usage support for completed downloads is beyond the scope of these forums.
  7. Deleting the files from %appdata%\BitTorrent will uninstall.
  8. Pretty much. You need to leave it running and wait.
  9. Pro-specific support is not handled on the forums. Usage support for completed downloads is beyond the scope of these forums.
  10. That depends on the tracker, it's not something handled here.
  11. Support for that is WAY beyond the scope of these forums.
  12. Contact the tracker admin.
  13. That message ONLY comes up when you're trying to load up a torrent that matches one you've already got loaded. Check Labels - Hidden to see torrents that are otherwise missing.
  14. "Set Download Location" when you right-click the torrent (with it stopped)
  15. It would normally be in the web interface in the advanced settings. If the router doesn't offer you the settings to turn it off, it's probably not actually worth what you paid for it.
  16. Did you disable the SPI firewall in the router?
  17. It is. The "spigot" thing is an optional offer that can be skipped at install time.
  18. And it's all the same cause. No one is seeding.
  19. Then almost all the torrents you're adding are no longer seeded. Nothing we can do about it.
  20. No. The files tab in the bottom section.
  21. What is the listed availability on the torrent?