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BitTorrent doesn't exit but tries to open connections to


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I noticed this problem when sometimes BitTorrent doesn't exit and keeps on opening a new 'set' of 4 TCP connections (the "SYS_SENT" state) to IP address every second or so (I can clearly see that with TcpView program from Sysinternals); at that stage there's only a "BitTorrent.exe" process that's left running (i.e. there's no window object left so you cannot evoke it by Task Manager for example, and of course there is also no tray icon anymore) so I need to kill the process.

When I've first encountered this (and saw it's stuck in the loop) I tried to do it as "gently" as I could, but unfortunately EndTask method (from "user32.dll") is not enough so I need to use TerminateThread or TerminateProcess (functions from "kernel32.dll"), which is something I generally don't like to do... :(

Luckily when I launch it next time there are no apparent consequences, but still, this is quite annoying.

I should note that I have "bt.graceful_shutdown" option enabled (for which Help says: "... will take as long as it needs to finish its shutdown sequence"), but obviously in these cases it gets stuck in an never ending loop.

I use a client version 7.02 (downloaded from this/original website some time ago) on Windows XP SP3.

P.S. I am adding a few screenshots (the most important ones are from TCPView and from Process Explorer, the TCP/IP tab) to better understand situation (for technical people).







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