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Plus Support Feature?


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I would like to see an option where the purchase of BitTorrent Plus means that you continue to get support. I have searched the forums for my errors and all I've come across are messages saying "Pro is not supported in the Forums." When I goto help.bittorrent.com it takes me to a useless web site. 


Here are my errors:


player.btinstall failed to install (0x800b010c)

bitdefender.btinstall failed to install (0x800b010c)

transcode.btinstall failed to install (0x800b010c)


I'm running 64bit Windows 8 and I've ran the install as Administrator. I assume from the errors that I am actually not receiving any of the pro features that I paid for. I tried both the bundle and the free download/add the license methods. 


It would be nice to see some support of the product as a feature. I paid good money for it. 






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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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