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Completed Files Deleted When Attempting To Restart Seed


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There are completed downloads that I have temporarily stopped from seeding. But when I try to start seeding again the entire download is erased. I would like to be a good citizen and do my share, but have no idea how this happens.

1. How can I restore those files and begin seeding them?

2. What can I do to prevent this in the future?


I am a 60 year old grandmother so please be kind and respond with plain language. Most tech acronyms go over my head. Thanks much.

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Thanks so much for your interest.

Category in sidebar is "All."

FYI: In the list the stopped selections are preceded by a grey dot.


Reason for stopping seeds: Sometimes I want to download another item more quickly and opt to increase speed by freeing up bandwidth used by seeding. I make sure to balance things by turning it back on. This is when the problem occurs. More often than not there are more torrents seeding than downloading.


I don't want to get cut off or be a jerk so it would be great to know what I'm doing wrong. If it's not possible to selvage the deleted files, would it help my status to increase the ratio on those that are seeding properly?

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If the files are still in the downloaded location on your system you should be able to at least tell if the torrents were removed if you try going to the site you went to and try to download the torrent to the same location.

If the files are still there, the torrent will check then seed normally.


If the torrent is still loaded, you will get a different message prompt telling you it's already loaded.

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Here's what I did to try your suggestion:

I moved two completed files back to the download folder.

In uTorrent I highlighted those items.

Right clicked, chose download location, and selected those folders containing the completed downloads.

Clicked start.


What happened: The items began downloading starting at zero. Darn.


I might have to just cut my losses and move on. This leaves the question: How can I prevent this from happening in the future?

Thanks again for your patient help.

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