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Need help, been using bittorrent for several years, suddenly dl speed is gone


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In need of help, have been using bittorrent for several years with no problems whatsoever, But all of a sudden i start a download and im getting download speeds of 8 to less than 1kbps. My internet connection is around 2mbps and bittorrent is configured properly. I have run test (ctrl-G) and it comes out positive, with 2mbps+ dl speed.

There also seems to be random spikes where the dl speed goes upto around 80kbps for a few mins then drops back to 8-1kbps (my upload speed is similarly affected by these random speed spikes, but NOT at the same time as dl speed)

Here is my speedtest.net result: 2776350322.png

Yet my client looks like this:bittorent.jpg

Thanks, and hopefully i can find the way to fix this.

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thanks for the help, it appears that my isp may have been throttling the port I was using, having changed that and a few other setting as per the guide, I am now getting fairly decent speeds. Thanks again for the prompt reply and that guide helped me sort the problem!

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